Doors to Nature

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(piece #2 in the Cultured Nature series) Knotty alder wood doors left to right: weathered steel, brick, weathered copper, open, moss, weathered walnut wood Size: 77” x 24” Steel: the randomness of steel evokes confusion and uncertainty, which finds belonging with the isolated wood. Brick: Exposed brick represents the need to expose our own personal thoughts and desires. Copper: The copper's natural patina elicits thoughts of the fragile mortality of life. Open: Creativity and art is not only created through objects but by space and through the openness of one’s own mind. Moss: Moss represents an organic and earthly character. Walnut: Age is a recurrent theme in my work. The half-weathered/half-finished walnut shows the dichotomy of young and old, life and death, culture and nature.